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Welcome to Undersea Tobago - where personal attention meets adventure

Undersea Tobago Scuba Dive Center is situated in Tobago's only five star hotel, The Coco Reef Resort. Easy to reach and still close to the most spectacular dive sites to be found around Tobago.

Scuba Diving Experiences for the entire family

Supplied Air Snorkeling
for Youths (SASY)

  • Enjoy the underwater world the easy way, by snorkeling with scuba equipment. Duration: 1 hour. Ages 6-7

PADI Bubble maker program

  • Whether it's a glass of milk or underwater, you can't help blowing bubbles! Plunge 2m into the PADI Bubble maker program. Duration: 1 hour. Ages 8-9

PADI Discover Scuba Diving

  • During the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program, you and your family will master basic skills that allow you to visit the reef at 10m. Get yourself and your family diving today! Skills learnt here earn credit towards the PADI Open Water Diver course. Duration: 2 1/2 hours. Ages 10+

PADI Open Water Diver

  • Would you like to be more self-reliant underwater? Start the journey of a lifetime with the PADI Open Water Diver course, you will be forever changed. In this program, your PADI Instructor takes you through the basics of learning how to scuba dive.

    You'll start in pool-like conditions and progress to the ocean, getting the background knowledge along the way and earning a diving certification to a depth of 18m. Becoming a diver opens a door to a whole new world, open yours and step through. Duration: 4-5 days. Ages 10+

PADI Referral program

  • You're a step ahead, having completed the theory and skill development requirements at your local dive centre prior to your Tobagonian vacation. Complete the four qualifying dives with us in the PADI Referral program to earn your Open Water Diver certification. Duration: 2 days. Ages 10+

    We also do Universal Referral Programs for both NAUI and SSI

Our Dive Services

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  • PADI Tuition
  • SASY Diver
  • Bubblemaker
  • Discover Scuba Diving
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  • Open Water Diver
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  • Dive into Excitement!

    Dive into Excitement!

    Posted in Scuba diving in Tobago, 25 July 2016

    Summer time is around the corner and that means finding things for the kids to do for a whole two months! In todays’ hectic work environment, why not take a moment to share an experience that will remain with kids and parents for a lifetime, and yes I’m speaking about scuba.
  • Understanding Marine Behaviours

    Understanding Marine Behaviours

    Posted in Scuba diving in Tobago, 21 July 2016

    When chatting with divers about what they are looking for on a dive, some express interest in an easier dive if they are novices, others request dives that are more challenging, or they may ask to visit a specific type of habitat such as a coral reef or shipwreck, yet others express a desire to see larger marine life like stingrays, sharks, manta rays or turtles.
  • The Scarlet Ibis a.k.a. The Maverick

    The Scarlet Ibis a.k.a. The Maverick

    Posted in Tobago Shipwrecks, 21 March 2016

    It is the 11th May 1960 and the M.V. Scarlet Ibis is sliding stern first into the River Clyde, she is destined to join her sister ship, the M.V. Bird of Paradise in providing the shipping link between Trinidad and Tobago during the 60’s and 70’s.
  • Choosing the right mask

    Choosing the right mask

    Posted in Dive Equipment, 01 April 2014

    To appreciate the underwater world, we at the very least must be able to observe it clearly. Being designed for an air environment our eyes are unable to focus when opened beneath the water’s surface, and the creation of an air space by utilizing a diving mask or goggles, is necessary for our eyes to function properly.
  • Underwater Video

    Underwater Video

    Posted in Underwater Video/Photography, 01 March 2014

    The earliest commercially available underwater videography system appeared in the late eighties in the form of Sony’s Capsule 8. Recording on 8mm video cassette tape and housed in its yellow housing, the Capsule 8 became many divers choice, as they first forayed into underwater videography.
  • Crossing the Road

    Crossing the Road

    Posted in Scuba Diving Safety, 01 February 2014

    As a kid there weren’t as many traffic lights and pedestrian crossings to assist crossing the roads and I can clearly remember that one of the earliest life lessons learnt, was how to do so safely.
  • SS Kioto

    SS Kioto

    Posted in Tobago Shipwrecks, 01 January 2014

    September 15th, 1942 proved to be a beautiful sunny day with the sea off of Tobago as flat as a mirror, it also proved to be the last day of the S.S. Kioto and some of her crew ...
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