Tobago Dive Sites

Tobago Dive Sites

Diving in Tobago can be separated into three areas, the Caribbean coast, the South coast and Speyside, not only for geographic purposes but also for diversity. Due to our location, the dive sites that we mainly utilize are on the Caribbean and on the South coasts.

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Tobago is known for the density and diversity of its marine life which is unparalleled in the Caribbean. Dives on the Atlantic coast are usually drift dives with the Caribbean coast having virtually no current.

Dives range from 30-130 feet in depth with sites suitable for all experience levels. Entry into the water is usually via backward roll and the exit via ladder. Water temperature is 78-81°F and a 2mm or 3mm shorty wetsuit is recommended. Visibility varies between 40-90 feet.

All boats carry oxygen and first aid kits and Tobago has a hyperbaric chamber for your safety.

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